[Sca-cooks] Organization of German Feasts, ~1500

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Wed Aug 24 11:16:06 PDT 2011

>Rumpolt has some sample menus, which can be found here on Gwen Cat's 
>Rumpolt pages: http://clem.mscd.edu/~grasse/GK_Banquets1.htm
>It's one of the sources I used for the order of dishes in my 
>Elizabethan sheep-shearing feast.
>Margaret fitz William

I have the rest of the menus transliterated, and partially translated 
at the Rumpolt groups, in the file section.  There are 60 some pages 
of menus, midday and evening menus for meat day and fast day, for 
each social station.


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