[Sca-cooks] Doing a vigil buffet

Michael Gunter dookgunthar at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 25 15:11:50 PDT 2011

> I never had a vigil for my Laurel. 
> I think you should come to AnTir West War and do one for ME!! 
> Sounds great. 
> Eduardo 

I'd love to, but that's a long way from my kitchen.
Some of this is pure selfish on my part. I haven't done several of these dishes
before and I've needed and excuse to get off my butt and try them.
I LOVE the pork pies in the classic "purse" look and have figured a way to make
them fairly easily so that is why I'm doing the pork.
I've been wanting to do potted meats for the "Tavern" A&S event I've been planning
but haven't had the opportunity to get the event going.
My apprentice has been wanting to make fresh cheese.
We have a really cute little baking pan which screams "vigil cakes" so I finally have
the chance to use that. They will be non-period little tea cakes but very cute.
Some of the items Oksana has specifically requested. 
So I'll be working on this in addition to the "class" I'll be teaching at the local Baronial
College in November where I'll have a bunch of people who know practically nothing
about cooking come in and cook the lunch while learning all the basic kitchen skills.

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