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On 30/08/2011 10:50 AM, Sue Boone wrote:
> I'm looking for help with a source or recipe for Murri.
> The Barony of Aquaterra will be hosting Ursalmas in January. We will be having a feast after the main action Saturday night and the Lady in charge of the feast has been convinced to use soy sauce instead of Murri. (Also, she's also replacing Saffron with Turmeric because "Saffron if the most expensive spice in the world." We'll work on that.) We have 5 months to come up with something so, please, any help would be greatly appreciated.

OK, here's my cards on the table: I don't think all substitution is bad.

Personally, I'd probably use soy sauce, too.  Making murri is a 
weeks-long process that involves rotting barley dough.  Charles Perry 
summarises it here 
http://articles.latimes.com/1998/apr/01/food/fo-34730.  He describes 
murri as tasting a lot like soy sauce.

The turmeric thing is something else, though.  Saffron is expensive in 
the absolute sense, but it also goes quite a long way-- I can happily 
make saffron rice for a hundred using a NZ$7 packet of saffon.  Turmeric 
has a very different flavour from saffron, and so is poor substitute 
(and if she doesn't care about the flavour of saffron and just wants a 
yellow colour, she might as well go with safflower, which at least won't 
add any off flavour).

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