[Sca-cooks] Subject: camp cooking suggestions and tip

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Tue Aug 30 14:13:20 PDT 2011

Thanks to all the replies so far (on and off list)

I plan to hopefully subdivide - 

starting with.. tin o ravioli and can opener (or even sadder the can with no opener, and see who will 'adopt you' for the meal.)

move on to simple things you can do with a small stove, or camp fire (camp biscuits, taco soup) 

continue with Period food (it is not that much harder than chili or spaghetti)

and finally large groups (this is where the seal a meal is your friend!!!)

so really I will take ALL the info I can get

and THANK YOU Shoshona for the loan of the ice cream ball (I also hope to bring tin can version so they can see both) Will let you know how it works (and if no one shows up, my household gets to make ice cream and eat it too :-)

Gwen Cat

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>What tips and basic camp cooking information would you think should be
>shared with any who show up? ?(and IF I get inspired can someone point me to
>the home version equipment for make ice cream in camp (the roll it around
>type, not the not owned crank freezer.)
>In Curiosity
>Gwen Cat
>Don't plan to have chicken on the last day :-).
>Is this intended to be period camp food, or just anything?

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