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On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 6:30 PM, Craig Daniel <teucer at pobox.com> wrote:
> From De Nola:
> "Sauce for mirrauste is made in this manner.  Take a pound of
> almonds, and four ounces just for five dishes and then toast the
> almonds, and grind them; and then take a crustless piece of
> bread which should be soaked in good broth; and then grind it
> with the almonds, and strain it, that it shall be quite thick;
> I have a little bit of trouble believing the proportions in this
> recipe.

I think there are two sets of proportions here.  The basic recipe is
for an almond milk sauce made from a pound of almonds and an ounce of
cinnamon.  A smaller quantity, for 5 birds, is made with 4 ounces of
almonds, and the other ingredients would be proportionally reduced.

I made two versions of mirrauste from de Nola years ago for an
artisan's demo event.  One of them was made with chicken, and it did
not give specific proportions.

"Cook a hen, and then cut it up; and take unpeeled almonds, slightly
toasted, and grind them; and extract the milk from them and cast them
in a kettle; and cast in ground sugar and cinnamon, and cook the milk
a little. And then take the hen, and cast in within, and cook it a
little; and then, take a little grated white bread and cast it within;
and after it is thick, set it aside; and on the dishes cast sugar and

The other was a Lenten version, Mirrauste of Apples.  Instead of fowl,
it was made with peeled, quartered apples.  The apples don't taste
like chicken, of course, but they do look a lot like serving pieces of
chicken when coated in a thick sauce, and they are yummy in a sweet
cinnamon sauce.

Brighid ni Chiarain

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