[Sca-cooks] mirrauste

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 09:54:37 PST 2011

I was reading the new publication on this when I went to fetch the 
Santich book to look at her version and my cat deletd the messages in my 
inbox. I can't find them anywhere>:o ! He's having his afternoon nap and 
dozed off on the keyboard because it's warm. Could someone please send 
me a copy of that message? I am most interested as by coincidence I have 
been translating the Sent Soví version today because the word for the 
day tomorrow in my blog will be "ast" meaning spit. Right now I am 
putting on the final touches as I am very much behind this week because 
yesterday's entry took a long time to prepare and taste and go back and 
correct - anyway I think that one turned out well: 

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