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Sayyeda al-Kaslaania wrote:
> When and where is the event? Link?

I get the digest, so this may already have been answered:

On 12/5/2011 11:03 AM, Donna Green wrote:
> We are pleased to have Johnnae llyn Lewis with us as our keynote speaker. 
> If you play on SCA Cooks or SCA Subtleties, you know Johnnae...

While i am not so illustrious, i will be teaching two classes.

One is in my continuing series exploring SCA-period Ottoman food, featuring recipes from among the 77-80 that Shirvani appended to his mid-15th c. translation of al-Baghdadi's 13th c. Arabic-language cookbook, as well as 16th c. recipes and reconstructions based palace account books and descriptions by visitors to Constantinople. We generally cook 3 dishes - soup, grain, and meat, typical of a daily palace meal. While i try to avoid repeating recipes, i am leaning toward Shirvani's Salma, because only 3 people attended that class a few years ago; it's stewed lamb with freshly made pasta coins and sweet-and-sour mint-garlic sauce; this was a very cool dish, better than it might sound.

The other will be my second class to explore one of 64 late 16th c. Persian polaw recipes from the second of two surviving Safavid cookbooks, Maddat al-hayat, resala dar 'elm-e tabbaki ("The substance of life, a treatise on the art of cooking"), written by Master Nur-Allah, a chef to Shah 'Abbas I. While i haven't quite decided which recipe we'll make, i am leaning toward recipes that combine lamb and fruit in the rice; possibilities include Morello cherries, or cornelians, or mulberries, or pomegranate in one of various forms...

al-Sayyida Urtatim al-Qurtubiyya

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