Patricia Dunham chimene at ravensgard.org
Tue Dec 6 15:47:03 PST 2011

Warn your loved ones away from this item (my DH thought he had found something new and appropriate for my birthday on Dec 4) and this bogus publisher.  This may not be news to some of you because this outfit has a lot of professional science fiction authors all riled up too (they are printing collections ABOUT authors' works, making it look like their volume contains the texts of the works, not just commentary, and the commentaries they are printing out are also available free on the web, but HB is getting money for them) See  CJ Cherryh's blog, she's apparently one of the first to have caught on these people.

Anyway, their contribution to the area of Medieval Recreation includes this volume:  

Medieval Costume, including: Surcoat, Codpiece, Wimple, Phrygian Cap, Yellow Badge, Plague Doctor, Chemise, Bodice, Jewish Hat, Poulaine, Chaperon ... 1400-1500 In Fashion, 1300-1400 In Fashion [Paperback]

I Posted The Following Review At Amazon (WHAT Is Going On With Every Word Capitalized! Can't Escape It!!! Weird) Anyway, And Am Going To Copy It To B&N Also.

BAD PUBLISHER:  This item is a series of Wikipedia articles printed off and bound like a paperback. The information is available FREE ON-LINE! Illustrations are small, dark B&W. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY, OR GET YOUR HOPES UP that this is an actual useful book.

I don't KNOW if they have any Medieval Food & Cooking titles, but they apparently have 192 thousand of their constructs available, so am also copying this to my other main list.

Good luck & Happy Holidays

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