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I will have to admit that skyr is an acquired taste. It doesn't have that sweet taste that is common in regular yogurt. Greek yogurt, even made with goat milk, still has a sweet taste to it. I think that is why I fell in love with the flavor because it has a bit of a tart taste to it. 
A good description, " skyr is a light, skim milk based yogurt style cheese." It is considered a very soft cheese which can be confusing.  Now how that compares with yogurt should be interesting. I can resend Jo's recipe for comparison.
Apparently, Whole Foods is now selling skyr.is. This is another version with fruit added and is very yummy very cold.
According to my Sister in Law a few years a go the Icelandic government came to the conclusion that people the people of Iceland were not getting enough fresh fruit and vegetables in their diet. So, mangos, melons and berries were added into a brand of skyr. A huge campaign started to encourage better eating and nutrition. The kids show Lazy Town started off as a stage show in Reykjavik.  
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Aelina Vesterlundr commented:
<<< Yummmmm! Skyr. There is a pretty descent Skyr in California by the  
brand Siggi's. It is based Siggi's Icelandic Grandmothers recipe. It  
does have agave as a sweetner but the plain flavor is pretty darn  
close to the Icelandic skyr.
That is another idea. In Iceland skyr is served plain with raw sugar,  
cream, and fresh fruit as condiments. I lived on it and craved skyr.is  
( pronounced skyr-poon-ter-ees) while pregnant. Skyr is naturally low  
fat and unless sugar is added low sugar. >>>

I found some Skyr at my local grocery (HEB) recently, and decided to  
try it after all the discussion about it we've had on this list. It  
may have been this brand, but I'm not sure. I remember that the "Skyr"  
label was made with a font that looked like logs.

I would have to say that it is an acquired taste, at least without  
adding sugar or some sweetener. I finally had to add some "brown-sugar  
Splenda" to it, to finish it off. It is interesting to note your  
mention that in Iceland it is served with raw sugar. I didn't know  
that, but chose the Splenda in desperation.

For more on skyr, I think I have some of our previous discussion in  
this Florilegium file:
fd-Iceland-msg (84K) 9/ 7/08 Food of medieval Iceland. Recipes.

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