[Sca-cooks] a Viking-challenge?

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Ummm! Harkel, fermented shark, is like eating a cross between roqufert cheese+pee and jell-o. It is normally served between now and February with lots of booze. You are safer serving lutfisk or haggiss. 
Now, if you want the recipe still let me know.
Aelina Vesterlundr.
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Hrothny explained:
<<<  The feast is supposed to be correct-to-period, but my bet is that  
the host,
who is doing the cooking with his non-reenactment wife, is going to be
serving 'traditional Norse' foods. >>>

I'm not sure that it fits as a dessert, but there is always the  
Icelandic H=E1karl (fermented shark). :-)

<<< These guys are well trained as Norse
fighters, but research is not their strong suit, however hospitality  
is! So I was trying to think of something I could transport 5 1/2  

Ohhhh. That alone might rule out the H=E1karl. Or Lutefisk.

<<<  that
wouldn't require cooking onsite as I'm sure their kitchen is going to be
off-limits and still would be something that would make the guys all  
"hey, I like that. Is that what we could eat during demos?" >>>

That latter requirement probably rules out many Icelandic period dishes!

Including this one. Fairly simply to make and a dessert dish.

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Helen wrote:
 > What was your " favorite dessert"?  I am having trouble thinking of  
a blood

This is an old Icelandic regional speciality, mentioned and described in
17th century sources but I´ve never seen a printed recipe, except the  
one I
wrote down from my mother´s description. It has some curious names like
kálfadans (calves´ dance) and villibrá› (game) but the name used in my
family was bló›kássa (blood stew). It is simply a mixture of milk and  
thickened with flour and butter. You can find the recipe at:



The link no longer works, but Nanna's recipe is in the next message in  
the fd-Iceland-msg file.

An interesting comment I saw again in reviewing the file and Nanna's  
Q: What did they call a medieval Icelandic vegetarian?
A: Dead.


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