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A good source for looking at cordial recipes would be:

A Sip Through Time
Cindy Renfrow, C. Renfrow, 1994 
ISBN: 0-962-85983-4

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Cariadoc asked:
<<< The cordial was brandy based, with fresh ginger, honey, white pepper, clove
and cinnamon, considerably less of the latter three than the ginger. It was
very smooth, and the undertones bloomed in the mouth after the swallow.

I've never looked into cordials--for one thing, they are forbidden for my persona. What sort of sources do we have for them? >>>

I don't think we have any specific recipes. This one sounds conceivably period from some of our previous discussions. It is the ones that use various fruits in them, that I think we've had more doubts on.

Some of our previous discussions on cordials can be found in this Florilegium file, and especially any evidence and documentation that has been mentioned.
cordials-msg (157K) 12/ 1/09 Period cordials and liqueurs. SCA creations.


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