[Sca-cooks] Cheese making books.

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Thu Dec 15 18:25:35 PST 2011

Here are some of the books on my shelf

Home Cheese making by Rikki Carrol 3rd edition

Making Great cheese at Home by Barbara Ciletti

The Cheesemaker’s Manual by Margaret P. Morris

Making Artisan Cheese by Tim Smith

American Farmstead Cheese by Paul Kindstedt

My newest book is Artisan cheesemaking at home by Mary Karlin

There is also a cheesemaking for Dummies book, but I haven't looked at it.

On the Web
Youtube has an amazing collection of how to videos.
A great how to page by a Professor of Biology and Chemistry at University
of Cinncinnati.  Recipes, step-by-step procedures, a whole cheese making
course from Yogurt to hard cheeses,  and good information

in An Tir

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