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Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 12:13:47 PST 2011

Stefan wrote:
> <<<  The idea is that if the photo is good, the reader is going be
> tempted to try the recipe. -  like mrsamper's recipe in "anchoas"<<<
> Which it often does on your blog. Unfortunately, once I think I want
> to consider something further and perhaps making it, that is when your
> blog often leaves me high and dry. Such as in "mrsamper's recipe in
> "anchoas"
> How do I find this? Is "mrsamper's recipe" on your blog somewhere? I
> couldn't find it with your search box. Is that a period (or modern?)
> author I should know from elsewhere? I'm usually too rushed to look
> serially through a blog to find a particular recipe.
> I'd love to have more period appetizer recipes, or period recipes that
> could be used as appetizers, with all the pot lucks and such that we
> sometimes get invited to during the holiday season.  Still not sure if
> I can find raw figs or anchovies around here.
> Stefan
Unfortunately, my search engine is not working properly. My computer 
magician is my son and obviously he was not able to get it working 
properly this week-end. It is on the coals. In the meantime the key 
words like "anchoas" are all in alphabetical order going backwards. 
"Anchoas" was published on 28 September 2011 so if you would please go 
to http://spanishfoodma.blogspot.com/
and then click onto September they will be in the beginning.
Another favorite of mine in appetizers are baby artichokes filled with 
pate. The recipe was published in "aguasal" on the 6th of November 2010 
The appetizers in my Christmas menu were planned to avoid bread as 
Christmas foods are so filling.
If my son does not have any results tonight, I shall publish the dates 
of publication with the word under which the recipe is published or 
something - I can see it is a pain without the search engine up to par.

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