[Sca-cooks] Making sausage

Michael Gunter dookgunthar at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 28 08:52:26 PST 2011

Now that my new smoker is seasoned and I have 12 lbs of pork shoulder taking up space in the
refrigerator, I need to make some sausage tonight.
It's been a couple of years since I was making sausage regularly so it's a bit daunting. But, I've 
done it before so it shouldn't be too bad. I'm making Polish sausage and going to keep some fresh
and smoke the rest. I've never smoked sausage before so this will be new. I hope it comes out
okay because I'd like to give some as 12th Night gifts. 
I also have pork belly curing for smoked bacon. This will also be a first for me because I've always
just used liquid smoke in the cure and oven dried it. I have lots of good books on making sausage
and bacon so it shouldn't be too bad. Keeping my fingers crossed.
My proposed 12th Night gift basket is Smoked Polish Sausage, Bacon, Sweet spiced mustard, a
baked good, maybe Lemon Curd and a small book I've written on how to do kitchen basics like
stocks, mother sauces, pie crusts, etc...with some recipes to bring them together. 
Any suggestions on the smoking or sharing of your 12th Night gifts?
For a fund raiser (like an auction or something) I'd love to make a big basket of bacon, sausage,
mustard, jellies, condiments, pickles, pate's, terrines and such. I think it would be fun and go over

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