[Sca-cooks] How to Get Milk From an Armored Turnip.

aeduinofskye aeduinofskye at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 21:02:20 PDT 2011

At 06:15 PM 7/2/2011, you wrote:
>>Got the new book in the mail today along with some other modern 
>>culinary reference books. I ordered it from Amazon so I could write 
>>a review. It looks good after a cursory flip through. The print 
>>quality and construction of the book are really good.
>>Can't wait to try a few things, including possibly the infamous "C" word.
>>Thanks for another great resource Your Grace.
>If you find any problems, typos, etc. let us know--it should be easy 
>enough to update. I think there is a line or two of a footnote 
>missing in one of the late articles, which didn't strike me as 
>enough of a reason for further delay--I've fixed it in the version 
>that will be part of the _Miscellany_.
>Has any collection of period recipes--original plus worked out--been 
>published that has more than 330 of them? I've been saying that I 
>think this may be the most extensive such collection ever, but I 
>don't really know.

How many recipes does "Take a Thousand Eggs" have worked out? I don't 
think anything else even comes close.

I have also posted a quick review and a recommendation to the Adrian 
Empire's mailing list. Hopefully that gets you a few more orders.


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