[Sca-cooks] kindle format or PDF?

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sun Jul 3 15:42:53 PDT 2011

<<< Like many of their free classics, it came from another source, in  
case Porject Gutenberg.  The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle is available there,
but also at one of my favorite sources for public domain ebooks,
manybooks.net.  Here's the link for the Chronicle, which can be
downloaded in over a dozen different format, including Kindle, PDF,
and plain vanilla text:

Brighid ni Chiarain >>>

Since I may just end up going on a downloading splurge, when something  
is available in PDF or kindle format, What are the pros and cons of  
each? Especially when being used on a Mac, an iPhone or maybe a future  

Most files in the Florilegium are available in HTML, RTF or Word, and  
text. I'm considering dropping the text because of how much is lost  
and because now most people using the Florilegium can read the HTML or  
translate from it to text if they need to. Would one of these other  
formats be better than the Word/RTF or should they be considered in  
addition to what I currently offer?  More formats does mean more work  
each time a new file is created or an older one is updated.

I have considered dropping the Word/RTF versions, but I think some  
newsletter editors may still prefer that format and the search engines  
may search the HTML and Word/RTF better than the PDF format.


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