[Sca-cooks] cooking as art or service

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Perhaps this file in the Florilegium will help answer this question.
SCA-dishes-art (11K) 4/13/00 "A Guide to making the most out of the  
SCA and its members" by Kim Huett. (humor)

Actually with 3 reigns per year, rather than Pelicans, it may be  
Counts/Countesses and Dukes/Duchesses that they have an excess of.


<<< So you are saying that the West has a lot of recipes on how to  
cook a
pelican and it is a service to do so? They got that many pelicans? :)

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I had this discussion when I attended West Kingdom Crown 2 weeks ago.
According to people I spoke to out there, they consider it a Service,
thus Cooking Pelicans are more recognized in the West. >>>

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