[Sca-cooks] A good source? was "period spice containers/storage"

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Wed Jul 6 01:12:48 PDT 2011

I did find the source again where they talked about passing a "spice  
platter" around the table for guests to add more spices to their already  
prepared meals.  I believe some folks corrected that information saying  that it 
was not for putting on food but came in forms of sugar treats or what  not.
Here is the source and the excerpt that I was referring to.
Spices, or the Dawn of the Modern Age 
from Tastes of Paradise: A Social History of Spices,  Stimulants, and 
by Wolfgang Schivelbusch
published by  Vintage Books, A Division of Random House ISBN  0-679-74438-X

"At especially refined tables spices became emancipated altogether from the 
 prepared food. They were passed around on a gold or silver tray- the spice 
 platter-during the meal or just after it. This platter was divided into 
various  compartments, each of which held a specific spice. Guests helped 
themselves,  adding spices as desired to the already seasoned dish, or they used 
the tray as  a cheese or dessert platter. They consumed pepper, cinnamon, 
and nutmeg as we  nowadays might partake of a delicacy, a glass of sherry, or 
a cup of  coffee."
I would very much appreciate knowing if this is not a good source for my  
A&S project.  
Thank you to all who offer their input.
~Aine of Wyewood

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