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I think these images are fantastic, because the little compartments on most of these plates certainly would make it easier to serve up tons of spices. Oddly enough, they remind me of modern-day seder plates. Wonder if there is a connection there ... wealthy Jews of Germany and other areas seeing the use of spice plates and then specially commissioning ones for the seder that could hold the horseradish, bitter herbs, salt water, etc.

The one that looks more like a modern-day cake plate, I can imagine that more suited for cakes or wafers. 


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>I think these may be confection plates/bowls that I found using the key
>word 'schale' dated between 1500 and 1600 on bildindex.  I would wonder if
>there was a differentiation between confits and spices in terms of
>service?  I wonder if there may be more information in the apothecary
>books in the confection sections...
>> Jack Turner's "Spice: The History of a Temptation," has a picture of a
>> silver spice plate from England, ca. 1567-1573. "Besides displaying spices
>> they displayed the wealth and taste of the owner," the caption says.
>> It doesn't have any compartments that I can see, though, so any powdered
>> spices would seem to get all mixed up in the serving.
>> The picture of this spice bowl from the V&A that Thorvald found, (one of a
>> set of six), that I can see actually being used in serving, but again, it
>> looks more suited for the spiced and candied seeds/comfits/wafers.
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