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Johnnae, never Jonnae, said:
<<< As regards grilling, Scappi has several recipes that work well.

The local newsletter recently published my adaptation of one of
Scappi's recipes, namely "To spit-roast a rack of beef ribs."


July 2011 under beef ribs recipe. Just go to the end of the issue.
It's the last two pages. >>>

Oooh. Neat. I'm going to have to try that sometime. That's an  
interesting spice mixture.

I have a file on ribs in the FOOD-MEATS section of the Florilegium,  
but it is short. :-(  I don't know if that is because ribs were an  
uncommon item in medieval feasts and meals or whether we just haven't  
discussed them much here.
ribs-msg (10K) 6/30/02 Period rib recipes.

Like lobsters, brisket and chicken wings, ribs may be one of those  
foods that used to be cheap and unwanted, that now demand high prices  
because they are now in style. So, I only get ribs occasionally when  
going out. I may just have to trying making them at home, and try this  


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