[Sca-cooks] Swedish Culinary Blog re: seething

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Thu Jul 21 12:24:13 PDT 2011

>The German: siude;seud; sieden,... modern also sieden means keeping 
>the stuf just this side of the boiling point. In case of water that 
>would mean lots of tiny small bubbles but more of them than with 
>simmer which is below boiling point  and not big bubbles as in a 
>real boil.
>unfortunately most of the books I have (just in hand the Aichholzer 
>transcript of the 3 Viennese Codices) has only sieden for what ever 
>you need to cook, so it is guesswork if you need to really boil it, 
>simmer it or seethe it,...

That is my impression from Rumpolt, that sieden/ seudt means to cook 
in liquid, but it doesn't really distinguish between simmer or a 
rolling boil.


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