[Sca-cooks] "The Golden-Bristled Boar"

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Wed Jul 27 01:49:22 PDT 2011

There was a review in the weekend WSJ on a new book titled
"The Golden Bristled Boar."
It's on both modern boar hunting in France along with a history.
"The wild boar appears to us as something straight out of a myth. But  
as Jeffrey Greene learned, these creatures are very real, living by  
night and, despite shrinking habitats and hordes of hunters, thriving  
on six continents.

Greene purchased an eighteenth-century presbytery in a region of ponds  
and forests in northern Burgundy between the Loire and Seine Rivers of  
France. He soon discovered he’d moved to one of the most densely  
populated boar areas in Europe. Following the gift of a side of boar  
from a neighbor, and a dramatic early-morning encounter with a boar- 
hunting party and its prey, Greene became fascinated with the animal  
and immersed himself in the legend and the reality of the wild boar."

"...even creating a hazard for drivers (hogs on the roads cause over  
14,000 car accidents a year in France). It has also been the object of  
highly ritualized hunts, dating back to classical times."


Might be worth a look.


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