[Sca-cooks] Roast Goose Breast Down

Jeannette Neilson jnettieneilson at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 28 15:09:50 PDT 2011

It's so the fat will keep the breast meat from drying out. I've always spit-roasted goose unless I didn't have access to a spit - and in that case, I always turn it over a few/several times when it's on the bbq. Goose is one of my fav meats... The breast meat can end up dry if it isn't basted or turned. I have also seen tips/suggestions on cooking turkeys breast-side down, but have never tried it as turkey's are generally pretty darned big & they don't sit well on their breasts. Goose, on the other hand, is not as large-breasted & therefore easier to handle/isn't breast-heavy & rounded like a turkey &/or chicken. Goose - altho' high in fat in general - has a drier breast than turkey & chicken. It's much more lean, as geese actually fly, so not a lot of fat in their breasts as compared to turkey, chicken or game birds. Duck can be similar to goose in that, if the duck is wild as opposed to raised/farmed. Farm-raised chickens [as opposed to free-range
 chickens, or chickens raised in cages] are pretty lean in the breast, as well. Wild turkeys actually fly, but domestic ones don't really, hence the large, moist, meaty breasts.

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>I don't think goose is alone in that recommendation. While I've never
>cooked a goose, I have seen suggestions for roasting turkeys breast
>side down. I never cook my turkey that way, however.
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>> Why is that? Why is goose different from other birds?
>> Suey

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