[Sca-cooks] Cook's List Gathering

Volker Bach carlton_bach at yahoo.de
Fri Jul 29 05:06:18 PDT 2011

--- Kingstaste <kingstaste at comcast.net> schrieb am Fr, 29.7.2011:

> I haven't heard a peep from anyone about the Cook's List
> Gathering, so I
> hope I'm not sitting there alone!  The gathering is
> posted in the class
> schedule in the Pennsic book for Tuesday the 9th from
> 5-7.  It is a covered
> dish pot luck, along with the opportunity to remember
> Kiri.  I found some
> al-Hanout spice blend she gave me that I'll be bringing to
> work into
> something up there for the gathering.  Hopefully there
> will be folks there
> to share it with! :-)

Finances, health and family obligations conspire to keep me from Pennsic yet another year, but i will be attending in spirit. It's all I can afford.


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