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From the intro site:

Welcome to the Filāḥa Texts Project
The purpose of the Filāḥa Texts Project is to publicise and elucidate the 
written works collectively known as the Kutub al-Filāḥa or ‘Books of Husbandry’ 
compiled by Arab, especially Andalusi, agronomists mainly between the 10th and 
14th centuries (see Authors & Works).  These systematic and detailed manuals of 
agriculture, horticulture and  animal husbandry have been sadly neglected and 
remain largely unknown in  the Anglophone world - apart from some of the Yemeni 
works they have  never been translated into English. They not only provide 
primary source  material for the understanding of what has been called the 
‘Islamic  Green Revolution’ but constitute a rich body of knowledge concerning a  
traditional system of husbandry which is as valid today as it was a  thousand 
years ago and has much relevance to future sustainable  agriculture. See 

The Filāḥa texts are preserved in some 240  manuscripts scattered in  libraries 
and institutions in 40 different cities,  mainly in Europe,  the Middle East and 
North Africa. See  Map of Holding Institutions.

The objectives of the Filāḥa Texts Project are: 


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