[Sca-cooks] A question of philosophy

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I suppose for myself it would depend on the situation. And for the situation
you described, I would put in the cinnamon.
If you take on the context that pepper is a spice, as is cinnamon and sugar,
then if you just happen to have those two ingredients on hand...
To some this might be "justifying" the use, but I do not think that a person
from the middle ages would take the substitution as being out of the norm.
And sometimes it is easier to get people enthused about medieval foods by
showing them that it is not so different from modern foods.

Oh, I like that approach. It's kind of what I ended up doing. I didn't have
any cinnamon (it probably sank into the mud - it was that kind of a day) so
I put nutmeg in. :-)


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