[Sca-cooks] OT: Rome and medieval Egypt

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Wed Jun 8 23:28:24 PDT 2011

Sorry, I'm a bit slow getting back to this list.

The original request is what I quoted below. In later messages it  
sounded like she was interested in persona type details or for sources  
of info for a possible A&S project in the future. Considering the  
opposition she stirred up in her kingdom to pre-medieval cultures and  
cultures outside of Europe, I wish her the best of luck. I have also  
offered a place in the Florilegium if she writes an acceptable paper.

I have passed a number of the messages that gave info on this list on  
to her and the Atlantia list. And I am in the process of creating an  
Egypt-msg file for the Florilegium with the information given on the  
Atlantia and this list. So any bibliography or book recommendations  
that might not be of interest to her, might still find a home in the  

I don't intend to carry info going back to the Great Egyptian Empires,  
but Roman and early medieval Egypt would be of interest.


What exactly is wanted? Food history? Persona? General History?
Egypt during the Classical Roman era?
Egypt during the European Middle Ages?
During the Crusades? (Fifth Crusade?) What time period?

There's no problem finding books on Egypt. Have they asked at a library?


On Jun 3, 2011, at 10:57 PM, Stefan li Rous wrote:

Just had to pass on something I saw on the Atlantia list today.
Rohesia Anven of Thessalonica was asking
<<< I have recently been curious about Egyptian culture (mostly as
it would've related to the time of the Romans and earlier) but
really in any way it could relate to SCA timeline. I am having
trouble finding any resources for people who would like to create a
persona or finding someone who has an Egyptian persona. Ive tried
some online searching but to no avail. Anyone know of someone I can
chat with about the subject? >>>

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