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Thu Jun 9 21:59:37 PDT 2011

What I" learned" in school and so forth:

The reason non-fat is so prevalent is that the full cream did not reconstitute well, the taste was unacceptable and the soldiers would not drink it, but would tolerate the non-fat when COLD.  (and it mixes back with regular whole milk almost unnoticeable--In fact as an adult I learned that that is exactly what my mother did to stretch the budget so I grew up on 2% milk...)

The military needed milk overseas, back then they did not pasteurize milk in a lot of the overseas places so our soldiers were not allowed to drink it (in fact a gem I have heard is that UK did start pasteurizing milk after the war so the US military would buy it...

The experimented with adding butterfat back into the reconstituted dry milk but again the tast was unacceptable.  The experimented and found that coconut oil and/or palm oil gave the best results. (I do remember my first glass of nice cold milk and the funny after taste from the filled milk in Misawa, Japan.  (There was a risk of TB from the local milk and they tested us regularly for TB)

Now, like many things I "learned" the facts from many years ago may be apocryphal... so feel free to share what you learned differently and more recently.

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