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> Cast iron cooking vessels were found
> on the Pulau Buaya wreck (12-13th Century), so there are
> examples of cast iron cookware within period.  (Ridho
> and Edwards McKinnon, 1997, "The Pulau Buaya Wreck",
> Himpunan Keramic Indonesia, p.84. ).  What we don't
> seem to have are any known European examples of cast iron
> cookware from within period.  Please note the "known,"
> dating can be tricky and there is the possibility that worn
> out cookware was resmelted.  Some of the woodcuts show
> what appear to be cast iron pieces, but actual materials and
> construction can not be accurately discerned.
The above leads me to the idea that the Portugese, who were trading in these waters in period, may well have brought such pots back. (They have obvious advantages for some uses.) Thus, if any cast-iron pots were in use in Europe in the 1500s, they'd probably include ones that were, and were shaped like, Indonesian ones.
...Anybody know what Indonesian ones were shaped like?

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