[Sca-cooks] ISO resources for history of cast iron cookware

Honour Horne-Jaruk jarukcomp at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 14 12:56:10 PDT 2011

Respected friends:

--- On Tue, 6/14/11, Terry Decker <t.d.decker at att.net> wrote:

  If the Portuguese
> were importing cast iron pots, I would expect to find a few
> examples still with us.  While the lack of pre-17th
> Century cast iron cookware is not definitive, it is
> suggestive of both lack of import and lack of manufacture.
> Bear 
     Well, you're right. But the image of some bored Portuguese cook's boy letting the stew burn because he's staring at the dragon on the pot is just _so_ tempting...
     Back to trying to find a ceramic brazier that doesn't die after three uses.

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