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toodles, margaret
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I found this in the Koekerye, an unpublished 1570 print I'm currently working on editing. Not english (North German, in fact), but it goes back to a South German recipe tradition and it does seem to be what you are looking for.

Vische beholden / dat se
lange gudt blyuen.

Legge se yn ainen erden Poth / gueth Etick
dar up / unde strouwe Petercillyen dar auer /
make den Poth dichte tho / unde sette en yn
einen kolden Keller / unde wen du dar Vi=
sche unde Etick uth nympst / so gueth alle tydt
frischen Etick dar wedder up / unde decke ydt
dichte wedder tho / so blyven se lange frisch
unde gudt.

Keeping fish so that they stay good for long

Put them in an earthen pot, pour good vinegar over them and strew parsley over it. Close the pot tightly and place it in a cold cellar. When you take out fish and vinegar, always fill it up with fresh vinegar and close it tightly again. That way they stay fresh and good for long.



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> I recently tried the recipe for
> pickled salmon in Mrs. McLintock’s Receipts for Cookery
> (cut salmon in pieces, boil, make a pickle of white wine
> vinegar, water, pepper, ginger, allspice, let everything
> cool, pour pickle on the salmon) -- which is an extremely
> tasty recipe. Unfortunatly for SCA use -- Mrs McLintock is
> 1736
> I was looking through the Floreligium, and noticed
> discussion of the Lord's Salt recipe from Cariadoc's
> Miscellany -- which is a similar (somewhat more complex and
> with bread crumbs) pickle , but is described for meat, not
> fish
> This got me wondering; I don't remember seeing an earlier
> English  pickling recipe involving fish (although
> salting, brining, and powdering are all mentioned in England
> and Scotland) than the one above (although I have not looked
> extensively yet). Anyone have any pointers for me,
> places/works to check?
> Thanks much!
> toodles, margaret
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