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> Alizaundre de Brebeuf quipped:
> <<< Back to trying to find a ceramic brazier that
> doesn't die after three uses. >>>
> I don't remember talking about ceramic braziers here
> before, but we have had some discussions on cooking in
> ceramic vessels over fires. How have yours been failing?
> Under what conditions?
> Stephan

Braziers actually hold fire - that's what they're for - so, even more than other ceramic cooking vessels, they're subject to catastrophic failure due to thermal shock. Basically, they heat unevenly, and as the hot part expands and the cold part does not, the stress fractures them. I've had several and they just crack, split, and die. They must have been doing something we're not; it's just a matter of finding someone who found the missing bit and uses it. 20+ years and no luck so far.

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