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David Walddon david at vastrepast.com
Thu Jun 16 09:41:03 PDT 2011

The Epulario is a 1598 English translation of the Martino Corpus (mostly but not entirely from the 1516 version that was put out under the name of Giovanni Rosselli under the title Epulario). 
Skimming through it last night for recipes to make at AnTir West War during the Cook's Play date I cam across a pickled fish recipe!

120) To dresse a Carpe.

First make good pickle, such as commenly is made for salt fish or soused fish, then take the Carpe and put it into the pickle, and let it stand two daies then fry him in oyle and so you may keepe it twenty daies or a month, and then fry him againe and againe as you think good, and the more and the oftener it is fried, the more it loseth of his substance, and are the worse : And therefore this way is onely to make him continue long, and if they be great seeth them, if small fry them, but take heed there bee none of the bone left in the head, for it is venemous.

It most likely appears in Rosselli (although I have only translated the title and the first line below)
Rosselli #117 - Per cuocere il carpione 
Dappreima abbi una salamoia fatta come si fa quella degli altri pesci salati: 

Rosselli #117 - To Cook the Carp 
First take a brine, made how you do for other salted fish: 

It appears in Martino LC and Martino VAT 

Martino LC Carpioni

Martino VAT Per quocere charpioni 

It does not seem to appear in De Honesta by Platina, Buhler 19 or Riva del Garda. 


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