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Ceramic chaffing dishes have to be warmed up in preparation for adding the coals to the bowl of the dish.  You have to place the chaffing dish next to your fire/fire place and turn the chaffing dish to make sure that all sides are equalling hot.  Then you spread the fire and get only the hot coals and place them in the bowl.  You then can move the chaffing dish to wherever you wish to use it, although I would use hot mitts to do so.
My husband, Master Hroar, has been making ceramic chaffing dishes, ceramic fry pans, bread cloches and other cooking tools for many decades now.  The only time that his work has cracked or broken is when the user becomes impatient and starts to use them before they are ready.
You can find photos of his wares at this website:

Mistress Huette, proud wife to Master Hroar

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Respected friends:

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> Are you really meaning chaffing dish
> or brazier? In general, cooking in pots over open fires one
> needs to understand about thermal shock and making sure the
> pottery is warmed up. Also, depending on how something is
> stored, a pot-ceramic ware can get damaged without one
> knowing it and when it's being used the fault will appear. 
> --Mercy the potter
I suppose I mean chafing dish; the small tabletop fire-holders for cooking. And I know it's thermal shock that kills them, I just don't know how to stop it killing them.

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