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Sorry I am in the middle of a big move and all my books (164 boxes, almost
3000 volumes, are on a store). But in Sweden it's a lot of research about
her and I am quoting from the research, I don't remember myself some
specific passages. But she influenced holy Birgitta, Swedens patron saint,
and she was a visionary and a writer too, her visions were transcripted in
the same way as Hildegarde. And holy Birgitta was a mother of several
children and many of her writings had with mothership and women diseases to
Sorry I can't be more precise!

On Fri, Jun 17, 2011 at 2:13 AM, emilio szabo <emilio_szabo at yahoo.it> wrote:

> > << > She wrote about menstruation and many of her herbs were used for >
> >contraception > and early abortions, >> > > > Ana, could you please tell
> us
> >where exactly Hildegarde speaks about these > topics.<< There is a book
> called
> >Physica,
> >
> http://www.amazon.com/Hildegard-von-Bingens-Physica-Translation/dp/0892816619I
> >read a French edition, but there is an English translation,  Causes and
> Cures of
> >Hildegard of Bingen, Charlotte, VT: MedievalMS, 2006, 2008. >>
> Ana, my question was more specific. I am well aware both of _Physica_ and
> of
> _Causes and cures_.
> However, I want to know, where exactly Hildegard wrote about the topics you
> mentioned and what exactly she wrote.
> Please quote the work and the relevant passage in question.
> One of the reasons I am asking: there is much strange folklore floating
> around
> about Hildegarde, therefore I am trying to check the evidence from her
> works.
> Thank you!
> E.
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