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"Cones" are what we potters use for temperatures. It's a scale by Orton.


Cone 5 is around 2118 degrees when low fire earthenware fired around 05 or so which is 1900. 

To attach to what Helewyse said, earthenware is more pourous because it isn't usually vitrified so that it could take the thermal shock better (think a sponge on how it takes in water and releases it... It works the same with heat expanding and retracting unlike a vitrified pot).

Slighty OT: I fire stoneware but with sand so it opens up the pours. It's a Raku safe clay, which is a Japanese firing technique (for the tea ceremony in late period) that uses the idea of pulling pieces out if a hot kiln and pulling them directly out into the cold air (and modernly into water).

To the chaffing dish... Not only where they found in Britain but I have a Byzantum pottery book with references for them. Just sayin'. 


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