[Sca-cooks] Dutch ovens was history of cast iron cookware

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Of course an alternative history can be found in the reference volume

Encyclopedia of kitchen history - Page 330

Mary Ellen Snodgrass - 2004 - 684 pages - Google eBook
The Dutch oven combined the convenience of pot oven and hang-over  
oven. Standing on stout legs, the enclosed ... The Mayflower Pilgrims  
introduced the Dutch oven to the New World in 1620. They chose it over  
other cookware for its many uses  during a long voyage where space was  


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> From: H Westerlund-Davis <yaini0625 at yahoo.com>
> To answer the question about cast iron cookware.
> The Dutch ovens with the little feets we see in many camps is  
> actually an 18th
> century product brought to the U.S by Dutch pioneers. It was easy to  
> carry and
> compact and became a popular cooking items on the Chuckwagons.
> http://www.socaldos.org/
> By the 18th century cast iron production had become industrialized  
> and much more
> refined. Dutch Ovens now are a cast item.
> v/r
> Aelina

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