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First, i wrote:
> The name in Arabic is qanun.

Sorry, i misspelled the word. It should be kanun.

> There are a number surviving in various museum collections. 
> Generally a qanun is a rectangular metal box - brass or bronze in 
> the ones i've seen - elevated on decorative legs (since the ones 
> i've seen are from nobility) and with decorative metal work on the 
> outside. I suspect these more elaborate ones were primarily used 
> for heating rooms in cold drafty palaces.

Here's one in the Met. It says it is the only surviving Mamluk brazier, but i recently found one in not very good condition for sale by one of the big auction houses. This one is clearly meant for heating, not cooking:

Those for cooking would be much less elaborate, but probably similar in dimensions or a little longer.
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