[Sca-cooks] newe ausgerüste apothek

brooke white traumspindel at googlemail.com
Sun Jun 19 07:43:54 PDT 2011

(1) Thank you for the rapeseed suggestion, I do think that makes sense.

(2) yes it is the ebook, by ryff. I am only at the table of contents, as of
yet. I know it is long (and I am at the very beginning, and MAN, that guy is
verbose) the intention is indeed to capture the entire text...mostly a very
long term goal for myself It is much more difficult to me to
transcribe/translate it that simply to read it, but at the same  timeone
retains so much more information when translating. I find it sad that so
many things get lost because people edit once and then everybody simply
rewrites...I have yet to find something that I consider to be a useful
herbal for myself, and people tell me to do more serious research ;)

(3) actually, Giano, it doesn't make any sense to me. the referrabl comes
once in the content both under II.and III. t looks to me like he is
announcing to describe a properly done procedure once referring to foreign
spices as a step before storage and once in regard as to how to take proper
procedure with regard to the plague. Is it possible that he is talking about
labeling? I am sure I will find out eventually when he actually adresses
this and how to *do* it.

Thank you

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