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Respected Friend- If you haven't already done it please go to your local hardware store and find a lead detection kit. Basically, they are little sticks that you would rub on the item and if it turns a shade of pink or red the item contains lead. In your case the tin area of your copper pots may contain lead. It was common practice to use a combo of tin and lead and soldering. When you have it re-tinned make sure its food grade and not display grade. 
My family discovered this fact when I was a kid and we were involved in the Civil War re enactments. A fellow re-enactor had found or put together a complete camp set he had found in an antique shop. Some one mentioned the lead content and when he tested it the test strip lit up like a Christmas tree light.
Just precautionary tale. Pewter and tin in the United States should not contain lead after 1980ish.

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Thank you Stefan.  I will take a look.  After some searching on the internet
I did find one place here in the Denver metro area that does re-tinning and
is willing to work on these two pans.  I'm looking forward to getting them
fix and enjoying them for years to come.


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> Shoshanah said:
> <<< I have a couple of antique copper fry pans (small - one egg size) that
> really really need to be re-tinned. >>>
> We have had some discussion on this. I don't remember whether specific
> venders were mentioned or not.  I think I put the info in this file in the
> FOOD-UTENSILS section of the Florilegium:
> cppr-utn-care-msg (10K) 8/21/09 Care and cleaning of copper utensils.
> http://www.florilegium.org/**files/FOOD-UTENSILS/cppr-utn-**care-msg.html<http://www.florilegium.org/files/FOOD-UTENSILS/cppr-utn-care-msg.html>
> If not, perhaps the other info in this file might be of interest.
> Stefan
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