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I seem to remember that there were several people on this list  
interested in Merovingian France?  Mistress Liutgard, perhaps?   
Anyway, since there is little enough info from then, and very few  
surviving garments, I thought I'd pass on this from the Lochac list.


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Subject: [Lochac] Tunic of Balthild & Mausoleum of Galla Placidia and
To: "Shambles" <lochac at lochac.sca.org>

I know there are a few Merovingian fans in Lochac who will enjoy these

Whilst at Genevra Kornbluth's photography site, take a look in the
historical archive.  She takes extraordinarily wonderful photos on a
wide range of historical luxury items.  Tapestries, jewellery, seals
etc.  Enjoy!

- Tig

Some amazing photos of the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia in
Ravenna -

In addition to the standard views, you will find such oddities as the
little golden men enmeshed in vines, and the lintel with panthers and

The 7th century Tunic of Balthild in Chelles (for those who do
not study the early medieval period, a unique Merovingian survival):
--both an overall view and several details of the embroidery.
Incidentally, I have recently read an interesting article on the
Tunic: Carsten Juwig, "Die Gewandreliquie der heiligen Balthilde.
?berlegungen zu ihrem Bildstatus und Funktionskontext," in Carsten
Juwig and Catrin Kost, ed., Bilder in der Archa?ologie - eine
Archa?ologie der Bilder? (M?nster 2010), 197-222.

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