[Sca-cooks] period spice containers/storage

Annofnite at aol.com Annofnite at aol.com
Wed Jun 22 19:03:17 PDT 2011

I am looking for any information on how spices were stored.  I have  found 
a reference to (and a picture of) a spice box that seems to be a wooden  box 
that locks, that has compartments inside.   I have also found  reference to 
a "spice plate" that is either silver or gold and usually has  compartments 
to load spices in and pass around at a feast or dinner of  upper-class 
guests in a noble's home (for example) for adding spices on top of  the food 
that is served.  
What I cannot find is if the spices were inside little pottery containers  
(stopped with what? cork? wood stoppers? waxed cloth?) or directly placed 
into  the compartments in the wood spice box? or if they were stored in linen 
bags?  leather bags? other?
If anyone has some information on this, I would be very grateful.  I  am 
waiting on a few books from the library that I reserved, but I'm not sure if  
they will have what I'm looking for.... or if what I'm looking for even  
exists.  :)
I did read the archived thread on "Favorite spice containers" but that  
seemed to be more of present day storage, not using period methods.
In Service,
Aine of Wyewood

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