[Sca-cooks] How to buy _How to Milk an Almond_

David Friedman ddfr at daviddfriedman.com
Wed Jun 22 20:45:13 PDT 2011

Our cookbook, essentially the cooking material from what will be the 
tenth edition of the _Miscellany_, is currently available as hardcopy 
in two places. You can buy it from CreateSpace, the Amazon POD 
subsidiary, at:


Or you can buy it directly from Amazon.com, at:


Buying it from CreateSpace gives us a slightly higher royalty. But 
buying it from Amazon gives you the opportunity to review it there if 
you want and raises its rating on Amazon. So if you think you would 
like to put up a review-especially a positive one-by all means buy it 
directly from Amazon.

And for those who don't get around to buying it online, I believe 
Poison Pen Press plans to have copies at Pennsic.

List price is $9, the book is 160 8x10 pages and contains about 330 
recipes, along with some related articles. For those who like to try 
before they buy, the pdf is available free on my web page:


Incidentally, it looks as though Elizabeth and I will not be at 
Pennsic this year, although Rebecca will be coming.

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