[Sca-cooks] stinky cheese - OT exclamations of yay!

Kimetha Steele ksteele at hisadaamerica.com
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I will make a deal with you if you are willing to pay that kind of money for a good strong goat cheese the next round of goat cheese I make I will give you some and see what you think for free.

And I will have to say I believe that my cheese will stand up to most other cheeses just my two cents worth ask around Sternfeld.

Waldeturdis von Metten
a.k.a. the cheesy Nun

Kimetha Loidolt
ksteele at hisadaamerica.com
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I love goaty cheese; the goatier the better.

I finally found someone local (quillisascut) that will mail me 3 pounds for
$65 (actually quite reasonable for goat cheese), and they said if I e-mail a
request for their goatiest stuff (most people like mild), they can fulfill



They said something about "exterior-ripened," which I'm not sure what that
means.  They're an artisanal cheese maker; family farm.

Ian of Oertha
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