[Sca-cooks] Images of meals in BSB Clm 835

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Mon Jun 27 16:23:41 PDT 2011

I've run across an English Psalter of what looks to be the late 12th or
early 13th century based on clothing styles, and it has a rather rich
collection of feasting images.  The source says that it is the first
quarter of the 13th century, but the clothing style leads me to believe
that it is just turn of the century, if even that late.  I thought I would
share and ask a question!

I'm wondering if anyone has any insight on what longish things might be
that look like all the world to me as breadsticks?  The color seems to
vary a bit (but then the fish can be green too), and in many images people
touch them with two fingers.  In one there is a person grasping and
separating a section.

Christ on the road to Emmaus:

The marriage at Cana:

Salome's Dance:

Not quite sure what this is depicting other than Christ and Disciples:

Mary Magdalene washes Christ's feet with her hair:

Parable of the rich man and Lazarus:


Part of the Judith and Holofernes story:

I think the next three are a part of the Esther story.  I note an actual
carver, which I can't seem to recall in any earlier illustration, however,
I have by no means made any sort of definitive study (but would be
interested in seeing earlier images!).



Maybe Jeroboam:

The whole document can be downloaded.  I'm interested to hear what you all


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