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I'm repeating Johnna's URL and sending them directly to you as well as the 
list in case the list is acting wonky.

Christ on the road to Emmaus:

The marriage at Cana:

Salome's Dance:

Not quite sure what this is depicting other than Christ and Disciples:

I've looked at these and I think the items in question are meant to 
represent slices of bread cut from the loaf.   The shape is most pronounced 
in Salome's Dance.  The single knife on the table represents the implement 
used to cut the bread (which I have seen actual being used to cut bread in 
other illuminations, Codices Illustres, Taschen Press, IIRC).


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I don't see that post, either.

I guess I just won't worry about it. If people want you to see
something, then I suppose they'll make it easily visible.

Saint Phlip

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