[Sca-cooks] Game for Your Feast

Sam Wallace guillaumedep at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 08:31:05 PST 2011

I have started work on a compilation project. I am pulling recipes for
game, birds and fish from various medieval works and putting them
together on one site. Obviously, any work used in this other than my
own will be used with permission and credit. You are invited to see my
(very rough) first draft here:
(http://talisman.clift.org/sam/sca/gamecookbook/). I welcome any

Working on this project led me to review what I have served and seen
served of these foods within the context of the SCA. I was curious as
to how often game, wild birds, or fish are served at events in the
respective kingdoms of members of this list. What have you served or
seen served? How typical is it to have game or seafood at feast? From
where are your experiences in this drawn?

I have served boar (domestic, but served as a wild boar), game birds,
quail, venison, shrimp, frog legs, crayfish, oysters, and salmon. I
have also served turkey, duck and rabbit, all of which were typically
or were often domestic animals when served in medieval Europe but are
often hunted in the modern US.

I do not recall much beyond an occasional bit of fish (trout or
salmon) at other events in this kingdom (Meridies). Sadly, the folks
who prepare these often do not get much of a review as the majority of
folks in this area seem to be fish-averse.


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