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On 2/03/2011 8:41 PM, Stefan li Rous wrote:
> Renaissance at least, since it is a New World bird. However, there is/was a large European bird known as a bussard, note the "ss" not "zz". that was eaten. It wasn't the American scavenger bird with the 'zz's.  This is one reason that the turkey was accepted fairly quickly since it was replacing something that the Europeans were already familiar with.

I think you're thinking of the bustard, 
Another large game bird, the capercaillie, is also occasianally 
mentioned occasioanlly as having been hunted for the table. 

> I think it is reasonable to serve a modern turkey if you cook it as they would have a bussard or other large bird. Some, swan?, might taste a bit different to do this for, though. But that may principally be the difference between a water fowl and a land bird.

Turkey is almost, but not quite exactly unlike swan.  I wouldn't 
consider it a good substitute for swan at all.

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