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I will also have to agree with the statements below.  Our Barony has a number of people that have some very odd allergies.  We try our best to avoid the major ones.  But let me tell you from the voice of experience here I did a feast a couple of years ago and was asked can I make some dairy free, can I make some vegan/veggie friendly, can I make some for the diabetics.  So I did all of the above, and what happened was I was basically doing one main feast, with dishes modified for the other dozen or so, effectively do three feast in one.  Everyone was happy, the food was good and people who had not been able to eat feast in years were able to do so.
But as a routine I would not do this, the logistics' were awful, making sure exactly what you said below happened, keeping everything separate.

So that is my two cents worth.


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I agree wholeheartedly.  We've not seen any such requests here, but it's
probably not long in coming.  I hate to be a spoil sport here but my feeling
is that if you are THAT sensitive to gluten, then perhaps you shouldn't eat
the feast.  I try to be careful in my kitchens, but I am not a
professional...and neither I nor my Barony have enough utensils to make sure
that I can identify any utensils or containers that have touched "X".


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> Johnnae said:
> <<< We are being urged on another of my lists to list all items now that
> contain or items that touch gluten protein
> (even if food safe) if served at a feast or at an event. Label
> everything as celiac or non-celiac safe. >>>
> We've talked quite a lot about food allergies. Hence the push these last
> few years about posting ingredient lists. But, SCA kitchens are not
> professional kitchens. Even professional kitchens seem to have problems with
> this "don't even touch a utensil which has touched X".  I'm not sure we
> should guarantee that a food has not touched a utensil or other food that
> has touched a utensil that touched a bit of gluten protein. We can try, but
> I'm leery of guaranteeing it.
> I do strongly support posting ingredient lists and not adding ingredients
> to a dish "just because".
> ingred-lists-msg (18K) 4/ 6/07 Posting ingredient lists at SCA feasts.
> http://www.florilegium.org/files/FEASTS/ingred-lists-msg.html
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