[Sca-cooks] Large Birds

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Sat Mar 5 16:04:47 PST 2011

Johnna wrote:
> . . . I don't personally think that one ought to list Bustard or Crane or Swan
> on a menu and then serve turkey or chicken. . .

When we were the overly honest preach like Johnna, I chuckle thinking of 
the parody - "The Picara Justina." She is portrayed as 16th C innkeeper 
from Mansilla de las Mulas, Leon Spain. She had her say:

'Take good care to greatly respect all that enters your home. Do not 
tell the men to tow the line and that you conform to the merits of each. 
For men have no pity for each has a rented mouth and they pay for it to 
praise themselves. What you should honor are the things that cannot talk 
and come back by themselves. Say if a dead cat comes to your house honor 
it and say that it is a rabbit; call the roster a capon; a crow a 
pigeon; a carp a small trout; a small trout a normal trout; a duck a 
peacock. Never say that the fruit is from Mansilla, nearby villages or 
the mountains but that it came from Brittany with the Goths. What is 
from the village is not honor. For honor always look to the east. Now as 
there are as many sponges as fleas in the jail, it doesn’t hurt to 
baptize them. In the meson there are sinks for all.'

My translation.
It is thought that "The Picara Justina" was written by Friar Andres 
Perez de Leon using the pseudonym of Francisco Lopez de Ubeda. It was 
first published in 1606.

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